The latest thinking from Mary Cook

A dramatically changed home landscape means builders and developers need as much certainty as possible for every investment. Mary Cook delves into the latest trends in a series of white papers that harness the firm’s seven fundamentals to inform design and make the most of new opportunities.

Step Into the Light

How light and lighting enhance design, improve well-being and drive productivity at home

Summer 2022


Living It Up

How function and purpose elevate livability.

Fall 2021


Psyched about Psychographics

Homing in on the generation attributes for on point design


The Great Match

Enhancing design through pattern and texture

Spring 2023


Show your true colors

Elevating The Impact Of Design Through Color

Winter 2022


Can good design be good for your health?

The impact of good – and bad – interior design on our overall well-being.

Spring 2022


There’s No Place Like Home, or is there?

Post-pandemic trends redefine how buyers want to live.

March 2021