MCA’s proprietary approach to designing commercial interiors uses 7 fundamentals of design which are articulated in The Art of Space®, Mary’s seminal textbook. Rather than a “signature look or style” that many marquee name designers adopt, MCA utilizes the 7 fundamentals to create customized one-of-a-kind interiors. Curated spaces designed by MCA significantly engage and positively impact individuals, organizations and communities for tangible measurable returns.


7 Fundamentals That Guarantee Great Design

While each fundamental works independently, when combined, they result in distinctive, aesthetic interiors that elevate and inspire.


Integration that delivers R.O.E.®


Highly respected designers and architects who are mentored and trained from within, seamlessly integrate MCA’s Art of Space® approach into a robust process. The synthesis of this unique approach and proven process raises the bar on outcomes and delivers a measurable R.O.E®  (Return on Environment).