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MCA-Basics Move-Up Buyers & Renters Want Now-2

Basics Move-Up Buyers & Renters Want Now

12.22.2020 \ Builder and Developer Magazine

Building and developing homes for move up residents takes savvy commercial interior design and a deep understanding of what move-up residents and renters want.

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MCA-3 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact the Future of Residential Interior Design-3

3 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact the Future of Residential Interior Design

10.14.2020 \ Builder and Developer Magazine

Thanks to the pandemic, homes have become far more than mere living spaces. It doesn’t matter whether those homes are multi-family apartments or single-families, small or expansive, humble or luxurious, urban or suburban. People have found new ways to work, study,...

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MCA-Homework: The Rise of the Home Office-4

Homework: The Rise of the Home Office

10.13.2020 \ Realtor Magazine

Even before the pandemic, the work-from-home trend was growing in popularity. Improved technology and connectivity are allowing people to be more productive at home as employers have offered greater flexibility. But now that COVID-19 has made working from home even...

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MCA-How COVID-19 shifted the wellness conversation in new construction-5

How COVID-19 shifted the wellness conversation in new construction

08.17.2020 \ Chicago Agent Magazine

Brokers who sell new residential construction have always had to stay up to date on the latest products. But experts say the pressure is only going to become more intense as efforts to combat the novel coronavirus spawn new innovations. “This has shown how important...

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MCA-What Do Millennial Homebuyers Want Post-Pandemic?-6

What Do Millennial Homebuyers Want Post-Pandemic?

08.14.2020 \ Builder and Developer Magazine

Millennial homebuyers were set to become homeowners in droves at the start of 2020 thanks to a strong job market, low mortgage rates, and the numbers. Millennials had just become the largest generation of homebuyers, the Washington Post boomed in December 2019. The...

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MCA-8 Ways Coronavirus Will Impact New Apartment Construction-7

8 Ways Coronavirus Will Impact New Apartment Construction

07.15.2020 \ Apartment Guide

The construction of new apartment buildings will likely factor in the possibility of people spending more time at home as more companies are allowing employees to work remotely. Architects will change the design and layouts of apartment buildings to adapt to the new...

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