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MCA-Apartment Amenities for Authentic Living-2

Apartment Amenities for Authentic Living

06.05.2019 \ Multi-Housing News

Mary gives her thoughts on which apartment amenity spaces should stay, and which should go.

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MCA-Recession-Proof Single-Family and Multifamily Properties-3

Recession-Proof Single-Family and Multifamily Properties

05.30.2019 \ Builder & Developer

It is time for residential builders and developers to take heed of economic conditions and recession-proof their projects with a design that yields measurable results.

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MCA-VR or Model Homes?  Here’s Why Both are Key to Absorption-4

VR or Model Homes? Here’s Why Both are Key to Absorption

05.29.2019 \ Mary Cook

To stage, or not to stage? That is the question builders and developers ponder today thanks to the advent of virtual reality (and I did too in my last Builder and Developer magazine column). VR has become a requisite due to the way buyers search for homes a whopping...

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MCA-Model Home Merchandising or VR? Both are Essential to Rent or Sell Homes Today-5

Model Home Merchandising or VR? Both are Essential to Rent or Sell Homes Today

05.23.2019 \ Builder & Developer

Using virtual reality can supplement other model home merchandising tactics for a comprehensive approach.

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MCA-Setting the Stage for the Discerning Renter-6

Setting the Stage for the Discerning Renter

05.23.2019 \ NAA

There are four critical questions developers should consider when selecting paint, floor and wall coverings in rental housing amenity spaces.

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MCA-The Art & Science of Model Home Merchandising-7

The Art & Science of Model Home Merchandising

04.24.2019 \ Mary Cook

Creating model homes for imaginary clients sounds like a dream job.  That is what people tell us when we explain the strategy behind model home merchandising, while the professionals we work with insist we get to do the fun stuff. While we love what we do, it is just...

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