MCA’s Story

Since founder Mary Cook opened MCA’s doors in 1986, the firm has brought the art + science of interior design to life for prestigious owners and developers of real estate across the country. MCA’s team of more than two dozen designers and architects are strategic, imaginative and skilled at designing a wide variety of spaces that respond to the demographic, geographic and lifestyle influences of target markets. Smart spaces that establish immediate connections with their users and accelerate activity, occupancy rates and sales for marketers are the hallmarks of the results consistently achieved.

MCA’s success in delivering measurable returns traces back to Mary’s early years as an interior designer when she was often asked to trouble-shoot and ‘fix’ interior spaces that were unsuccessfully executed by other design professionals. She honed her unique ability to quickly recognize when spaces weren’t functioning well, along with an awareness that she was repeatedly correcting the same set of seven issues.

Her practical solutions focused on getting these seven fundamentals right to bring interior design into balance and harmony within its surroundings. With this knowledge, business acuity, and a strong network of builders, developers and architects, Mary was inspired to open MCA. Her vision of a firm that participates in all phases of the development and planning process – from the architectural groundwork seminal to a project’s efficiency and versatility to its final design and installation – quickly manifested measurable results.

MCA identifies these results as R.O.E.® (Return on Environment) which reflects the measurable net benefits communities, organizations and individuals gain from environments that enable them to do, feel and be their best.

Now celebrating nearly 35 years of success, MCA continues to use the 7 Fundamentals developed by Mary to deliver optimal results through award-winning interiors that foster Living Better by Design℠.

MCA’s Vision and Values

MCA strives to create – by design – sustainable growth for clients and communities. Through deep industry strength combined with innovative, fresh talent MCA executes its proven R.O.E®  (Return on Environment) design methodology to create seamless, customized results that enable all to achieve their best. The studio buzzes with passionate, fast-paced creatives who are laser-focused on collaboration, excellence and success. MCA rejects mediocrity and confidently seeks to continually innovate. Its diverse mix of talent and experience makes this possible as new ideas and perspectives are continually welcomed.

At MCA, everyone works hard and plays hard. Each employee values positivity, loves to laugh and has a level-headed ‘can-do’ attitude that works like a shock absorber to unforeseen snags in a project. Integrity textures every effort to achieve positive outcomes for clients.

MCA’s Commitment

MCA is dedicated to delivering measurable returns through innovative, seamless services that allow people to connect meaningfully with the places they live and gather.