Design Technician

Sara brings specialized industry experience to the MCA team. As Design Technician she translates design concepts for a variety of multi-family and student housing projects into tangible realities. Through efficient drafting, rendering, and constructing 3D digital models, she ensures accuracy and alignment with project goals.

She collaborates closely with designers coordinating detailed design documents and technical aspects across disciplines, as well as client calls and site visits. By bringing alternative design solutions and recommendations to the forefront she showcases her deep understanding of varying project design concepts, while also anticipating and navigating next project steps.

Beyond design, Sara plays a crucial role in Construction Administration (CA) coordination, liaising with contractors, consultants, and vendors to facilitate seamless project execution.

Prior to joining MCA Sara served as Project Engineer at WM. Huber Cabinet Works Inc, in Chicago where she was immersed in millwork processes and project management. She also focused on furniture design as a Furniture Design Engineer at E-J Industries, Inc. in Chicago where she delved into the intricacies of furniture design, honing her skills in conceptualization, prototyping, and manufacturing.

Sara received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 3D Design with a concentration in Furniture Design at The University of Iowa.

For fun and rejuvenation Sara attends at least one live music concert every week where she thrives on a live show’s energy. In addition, she enjoys creating stained glass art, crafting beautiful pieces that reflect her artistic vision. She also finds joy in outdoor activities like camping and exploring local breweries, savoring unique flavors and atmospheres.