Project Designer

Rosemary Erickson brings five years of interior design experience to MCA. An accomplished project leader, she brings a high degree of collaboration and proven communication skills to every part of the design process. She prioritizes getting to know each client and their needs up front to inform design solutions that result in beautiful, highly functional spaces.

Rosemary joined MCA in 2018 after college graduation and works on a variety of multi-family, clubhouse, model home projects. She brings her contagious team spirit and creative input throughout design development and ensures installations bring her vision to life. Successfully meeting target goals, high client satisfaction and industry recognition are hallmarks of Rosemary’s work.

Rosemary received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Interior Design from Iowa State University’s College of Design in Ames, IA.

In addition to quilting, painting, biking and playing tennis, Rosemary enjoys Chicago’s restaurants and lakefront in her free time. She can also be found spending time with her husband, their two cats, other family members, and friends.