Nancy Kovacevich

Senior Director | Design

Nancy Kovacevich brings 20 years of design experience to diverse projects across MCA’s multiple departments. As a design Studio Lead she develops and supervises teams of designers, providing inspirational oversight and practical hands-on guidance. She skillfully manages all aspects of the design process and significantly influences creative development so that each project delivers impactful interiors that promote enjoyment and engagement.

Nancy has been designing for MCA since 2011, and now serves as a Senior Director | Design. Her passion for innovation, continual growth and development of team members, and a commitment to quality at each phase of the design process, contribute to successful outcomes for the team, the project, and clients who reap the benefits of the power of beautifully designed interiors.

Prior to joining MCA, Nancy served as a visual merchandiser creating interior design concepts for varied departments for a prestigious retailer. Her skills caught the attention of Riha Design Group, where she served as Senior Interior Designer, designing and training interior designers, and managing projects from start to finish. In addition, she served as a freelancer on projects for Childs Dreyfus, Riha Design Group, Edwin H. Lugowski, Jr., AIA Architect, and F. Schumacher & Company, among others.

Nancy graduated from Loyola University with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communications, later studying Interior Design at The International Academy of Design and Technology.

She enjoys spending time with family and friends in her spare time.