Manager | Installation

Joe Hinker has 15 years of installation experience at MCA bringing a wide variety of design projects to completion. In his newly created role as Manager, he collaborates with designers and the Procurement team to ensure all aspects of the installation are completed on time and that no detail is overlooked. From receiving and unloading deliveries, arranging all furniture and furnishings, hanging and securing artwork and drapery, and performing quality checks throughout the process, Joe and team members create fully furnished interiors that are market ready.

Joe has a keen ability to think on his feet when installations present an unforeseen snag. From assembly to getting furnishings looking their best, he rolls up his sleeves to do whatever is needed on a project. He applies his in-depth experience to MCA’s ongoing process improvement initiatives and actively participates in the development of new procedures that standardize installation and improve efficiencies. In addition,  Joe focuses on expanding MCA’s network of third-party installers, manages MCA’s annex/warehouse space and is responsible for other miscellaneous projects.

When not thoroughly enjoying his time traveling to installation sites and working with members of the MCA team, Joe spends as much time with his wife as possible. He can be found on the golf course in warm weather and cheering for the Chicago Blackhawks in the winter.