Take 5 | April 2024

1. Yale Science in Well-being

From college students to corporate executives and professionals working in the arts, the number of individuals seeking to understand the science behind well-being continues to soar. More than 4 million people have enrolled in Yale’s Science in Well-being class since it began in 2018. The course is available for free online through Coursera and is taught by Yale psychology professor Laurie Santos. Presented in 10 modules, it takes just a few weeks to complete.

2. Down to Earth

The remarkable science of grounding – or earthing – explores how bodily contact with the Earth’s natural electric charge stabilizes our physiology at the deepest levels. It has the power to reduce stress, improve energy and promote greater well-being. Down to Earth is a 15-minute documentary that will spur new thoughts about how to incorporate this practice into everyday life including green space at home.

3. Brand Stories and Social Commerce

Social media and purchasing decisions are increasingly merging. The State of Social Shopping in 2024, a report issued by Influencer Marketing Hub,  found that 98% of customers plan to use social purchasing at least once this year. This has direct implications for property and leasing managers who can enhance telling their story on social platforms to promote leasing or buying decisions.

4. Hotel design is experiencing a renaissance with AI

What works in multi-family design often works in hotel design and vice versa. In the article, AI Is Already Changing Hospitality. Here’s How., several areas of the hotel experience are explored in light of advancement in AI. Architects and designers will increasingly tap into AI to create spaces that feel uniquely curated for each guest with adaptive lighting and temperature that boosts well-being.