Officially Off Campus: What to know about Gen Z

This spring’s cadre of Gen Z college graduates are hitting the workforce and housing market. Highly individualistic, Gen Zers want to work and live in environments that match their values. Successfully reaching them requires delivering an authentic brand experience that’s rooted in technology and social media.


Gen Zers can spot a brand that’s just paying lip service so they’re backing away from online influencers touting the latest and greatest. Instead, they’re migrating toward “de-influencers” who highlight products and experiences that appeal to their values – sincerity, individualization and connection. They relish experiences that enhance their everyday lives and provide opportunities for sharing on social media. “Instagrammable” moments in front of attention-getting backdrops or in unique gathering spaces appeal to their tech-focused, digitally connected persona.


In spite of their overall idealism, Gen Zers are feeling the pandemic’s impact of never-before-seen disruption and stress during college. A McKinsey survey found one in four Gen Z respondents say their mental health has declined in the past three years compared to one in seven Baby Boomers. Creating spaces and experiences that foster wellness is critical for this Generation. Watch for our next blog which will explore wellness in design in greater detail.