Sara Murray takes on Innovation!

Senior Designer Sara Murray Takes on Innovation


A lot of firms dabble in innovation. Leading firms place it front and center. At Mary Cook Associates (MCA) we’ve included innovation in our core values for over 30 years. Now we’re taking it out for a fresh spin with a new role dedicated to staying ahead of the ever-evolving design landscape.


Sara Murray, Senior Designer | Innovation, will lead the effort to infuse innovation across MCA’s departments, including design, operations, technology, and business development. She brings nearly a decade of experience to her new position and previously served as a Senior Designer at MCA for several years.


“I’ve always had a passion for finding new technologies, staying on trend, and optimizing work processes,” says Sara. “I’m excited to delve into research, work collaboratively across the firm, and train staff on new technologies that enhance design and workflow efficiency.”


In her new role, Sara will lead special projects, such as the development of a custom furniture line, showcasing MCA’s creativity and commitment to bespoke design solutions. Her commitment to MCA’s design fundamentals remains steadfast. From crafting whitescapes to elevating design concepts, she’ll continue to ensure that excellence permeates every facet of the design process.


Beyond internal enhancements, Sara will spearhead programs and features that are tailored to specific markets, setting MCA’s clients apart from the competition.


We can’t wait to see the new ways innovation will add even more value to our clients!