Take 5 | October 2022

  1. Get outta here!

Workouts are going green. In Why Outdoor Workouts May Be Better for You, author Lisa Monroe reports curbside and open air studios are taking yoga and tai-chi in the park one step further. Outdoor “gyms” featuring bouncy cardio floors, elevated pool-side wooden platforms that support yoga and Pilates, stationary bikes, and pull-up rigs are a few work-out concepts already rolled out in several NY communities. Future multi-family fitness centers may migrate more seamlessly to the outdoors as this new exercise model gains popularity. 

  1. I’ve got rhythm

Newly published, Life Time: The New Science of the Body Clock, and How it Can Revolutionize Your Sleep and Health by Russell Foster, confirms points mentioned in our last white paper about the importance of circadian rhythm on health. His sleep research dismantles long-standing myths and sheds light (literally) on how routines and environments like home offices and bedrooms can boost, not hinder sleep and well-being. 

  1. Hospital at home

A trend that accelerated during the pandemic is gaining traction. Hospital at home – bringing hospital care to the patient’s home – will increasingly reduce in-hospital stays by using new tech-drive care models. A new article from The Chartis Group, reports companies like Best Buy and Amazon are investing heavily in hospital at home and more hospitals are seeking approval for Acute Hospital Care at Home. The home of tomorrow will need to support technology needs as well as patient comfort as the line between home and healthcare provider blurs.