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As the weather gets colder and the sun sets earlier, it’s our natural tendency to want to feel cozier. While the obvious answer is to pull those sweaters and scarves out of storage, a change of clothing isn’t the only way to stave off the chill of autumn. A few quick and easy changes of home decor can be a cheap and effective way to make your “nest” feel warm and snug all the way through to spring. Here are a three new living room ideas for fall to get you started!

Add a touch of nature

When cold weather hits, entertaining tends to move back inside and get a little more sedentary. We go from beer and burgers on the patio to movies and popcorn on the sofa. The simplest way to make your living room more inviting and more in keeping with the season is to add rich, touchable textures – especially those that allow you to bring the outdoors in by emulating nature. Accessories featuring faux fur, flokati, wool, and leather will add a bit of warmth and glam to your space without breaking the bank.

Go golden

It’s a timeless truth – no matter what current color trends may be, certain colors will always suit certain seasons. Switch out a few of your pink and yellow summer accessories for golds, oranges, and jewel tones. Adding golden accents to a space can add a more formal touch, perfect for the eventual transition into the holiday season. This can be easily accentuated by adding touches of shimmer and shine – go for metallic surfaces and crystal accents.

Switch out your accessories

Getting playful with color and texture doesn’t have to mean buying a new couch, or putting up new wallpaper (though it’s certainly an option if you’ve been waiting until now to do a total overhaul). A fun, affordable option that can be tailored for any budget is to swap out your accessories – living room throw pillows, rugs, lamp shades, rugs, and ornamental pieces – for fall-inspired accents. One of my favorite ways to instantly shift a living room into fall mode is to switch out lighter-colored flat weave rugs for more substantial wool rugs in richer, deeper tones.

Also, don’t forget to add some literal “get-warm” options while you’re at it – woven throws are a nice thing to have on hand for cold-natured guests, and liquor carts give the perfect excuse to offer up a hot toddy!

Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

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Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

Founder and President of Mary Cook Associates (MCA)