MCA-How to Meet Millennials’ Needs in Real Estate Design Decisions-1

Its no secret that the greatest measure of success in the real estate industry is high occupancy rates. Yet architects, builders and developers who ignore Millennial lifestyle trends and working preferences in the housing they construct and the model home interiors they use to showcase their units, will have a hard time attaining this goal today—and more so in the future.

It’s a numbers game. Census Bureau stats show Millennials, now the largest generation in the U.S., significantly outnumber Baby Boomers (at over 83 million to 75.4 million). They’re also the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, accounting for over 53.5 million workers, notes The Pew Research Center. Read More…

Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

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Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

Founder and President of Mary Cook Associates (MCA)