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Reflection is one of the coolest elements in design. It automatically goes with everything, everywhere. Since its only colors are a reflection of what’s already in the room, you never have to worry about finding a match! It gives back exactly what you what put in its view.

Reflection seems to multiply space. It adds visual interest. It magnifies all the design elements you’ve put in. It can bring additional light and depth to a room. It can showcase accent pieces placed in front of it. It can define spaces. It changes as you walk through a room, creating interesting new sight lines. It can even let you be in two places at once!

Mirror also comes in a variety of colors: Clear mirror, bronze mirror, peach mirror, and antique mirror. It even comes in wall tiles that are antiqued and scored with a pattern.

But mirrors are more than fun. They’re a powerful tool that can solve a whole variety of design problems. Looking for design ideas for using reflection in your space? Read on!

Framed Mirrors can be dramatic pieces of art. They can be strategically placed to repeat a view. They can add interest, depth, and light to a room. Depending on the style of frame you choose, it can adapt itself to any style.

Architectural Mirror is mirror that’s applied directly to the wall with mastic. This approach can meet a variety of objectives. You can keep mirror a secret and integrate it into a built-in where it’s barely noticed, or you can have it make a major statement.

Furniture and Accessories with shiny surfaces add an element of glamour to a room. They’re the “bling” in the room. And they do a lot more. Gleaming furniture can help you manage scale and proportion.

A table with reflective polished chrome legs will almost disappear in a room, making the table feel lighter. Cocktail tables with reflective tops will multiply whatever accessories you put on them adding impact to your object. Placing a vase of flowers in front of a mirror lets you see all the flowers in the vase and bounces twice the beauty back into the room.

Last but not least, there’s the sheer utility of mirrors. We use them when we’re getting dressed, primping and grooming. We always check the mirror before we walk out the door. We glance at them when we’re driving. Every health club in America has a wall of them to multiply the atmosphere of activity in the workout room.

I can’t think of a material that’s more versatile or more impactful. Large or small, ceiling or wall, the contribution that mirrors make is huge. They can take your design from good to great.

Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

Written By

Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

Founder and President of Mary Cook Associates (MCA)