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Every year at this time, several leading brands of house paint, hundreds of design publications, and Pantone, the leading authority on color, announce their “Color(s) of the Year” and release eagerly-awaited color trend forecasts.

It’s no wonder that everyone is anxious to get in on the forecasting. There is no bigger cost-to-impact ratio in the design world than color, and the impact can be profound.

Color has the ability to influence mood. It can calm. It can stimulate the senses. It can inspire activity, promote well-being, and much more, depending on who you are and what you want to do.

Lifestyle and fashion trends influence the popularity of different colors, as well. And though there definitely are trends, when it comes to color, one size doesn’t fit all. Recognizing the power of color and tapping into its potential can maximize the impact of any design. But it all starts with the mood or feeling you’re trying to create, and what stage of life you’re in. Different colors have different effects on people. Depending on your age, gender, ethnic background, and climate, there are active, passive, and neutral color options. You have to think about your personal desires, taste, and the objectives you’ve delineated for the space. We take everything into consideration when we’re designing.

But the very best way to determine what color is best for you is to experience it. Step inside it. See how it makes you feel.

Here are a few of our favorites for 2016:

Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

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Mary Cook & Josh Kassing

Founder and President of Mary Cook Associates (MCA)