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The Art of Space

11.01.2014 \ Embark Magazine

Using various elements of design allows you to have a room that is functional and balanced. Apply these seven insider tips to any interior design project that you are working on. They will save you stress, time, and money, and most importantly make you look like a...

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7 Ingredients Make a Home Irresistible to Buyers

09.26.2014 \ Chicago Tribune

It’s an age-old real estate scenario: Buyers walk through a home for sale, and shrug. There’s nothing wrong with the house, really, they tell the agent. It’s just that the house lacks a certain, indefinable “something.” Mary Cook has...

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Required Reading

07.01.2014 \ Modern Luxury

There aren’t many professionals that would downplay their natural and trained talent to seven simple steps, but interior designer Mary Cook decided to spill her secrets to help readers of her new book, The Art of Space (Cognella, $50). Cook’s business goal...

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MCA-Seven Secrets to Great Design-5

Seven Secrets to Great Design

05.11.2012 \ Cincinnati Magazine

Ever wonder why a room just doesn’t feel right? Designer Mary Cook experienced it countless times when she was called in to fix spaces that, for reasons the clients couldn’t put their fingers on, just weren’t working. Finally, she said to her colleague: “You know,...

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