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MCA-Interior Design Mistakes Can Send Renters + Buyers Running-2

Interior Design Mistakes Can Send Renters + Buyers Running

11.29.2016 \ Mary Cook

Renters and buyers have a difficult time envisioning what a space will look like with their own furnishings in it. That’s precisely why builders and developers splurge on amenities and models designed to appeal to their targeted demographic groups. But those...

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MCA-How to Pick Your Perfect Kitchen Paint Color-3

How to Pick Your Perfect Kitchen Paint Color

08.03.2015 \ Mary Cook

It’s probably no surprise that interior designers spend a lot of time fielding questions. People are constantly asking me where I bought that rug, or what kind of window covering they should be using for such-and-such a window. But hands down, the number one...

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MCA-One Room, Seven Fundamentals-4

One Room, Seven Fundamentals

07.23.2015 \ Mary Cook

There are Seven Fundamentals that make up The Art of Space. All work together and support one another to create balance and harmony. Let’s look at each of the fundamentals and how they worked in this two-bedroom condo in The Loop, Chicago’s vibrant downtown hub....

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MCA-Using Personal Mementos in Your Home Design-5

Using Personal Mementos in Your Home Design

04.23.2015 \ Mary Cook

One of the chapters in my book The Art of Space, The Seven Fundamentals that Guarantee Great Interior Design is entitled: “Significant & Relevant Ornamentation.” Wall art and accessories are the final layer of every home design. Creating that final layer is what...

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MCA-Big Ideas for Small Space Design-6

Big Ideas for Small Space Design

03.27.2015 \ Mary Cook

When it comes to great design, size really doesn’t matter. A small space can be just as beautiful as a large one. The only things that really have to be big are your ideas. That’s one of the beautiful things about the seven fundamentals. They always work regardless of...

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MCA-Design Ideas: Using Reflection In Your Space-7

Design Ideas: Using Reflection In Your Space

03.05.2015 \ Mary Cook

Reflection is one of the coolest elements in design. It automatically goes with everything, everywhere. Since its only colors are a reflection of what’s already in the room, you never have to worry about finding a match! It gives back exactly what you what put in its...

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