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MCA-What do Millennial Homebuyers Really Want?-2

What do Millennial Homebuyers Really Want?

11.04.2019 \ Mary Cook

The housing market may be cool for now, but there is a huge wave of potential buyers on the horizon that are about to heat things up:  aging millennials. In the next 10 years, 44.9 million millennials will turn 34, the median age for first-time homebuyers, Zillow...

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MCA-How to Recession-Proof Multifamily Housing? Use Design Thinking-3

How to Recession-Proof Multifamily Housing? Use Design Thinking

10.10.2019 \ Mary Cook

Builders and developers have spent much of the year looking over their shoulders, expecting a recession to strike at any time. Housing growth cannot keep its momentum going forever, but frankly, predicting whether it will reverse course is not very helpful. The better...

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MCA-The Art & Science of Model Home Merchandising-4

The Art & Science of Model Home Merchandising

04.24.2019 \ Mary Cook

Creating model homes for imaginary clients sounds like a dream job.  That is what people tell us when we explain the strategy behind model home merchandising, while the professionals we work with insist we get to do the fun stuff. While we love what we do, it is just...

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MCA-Multifamily Trends that Lead to Return on Environment-5

Multifamily Trends that Lead to Return on Environment

12.12.2017 \ Mary Cook

It’s no news that the multifamily market has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years. But with a glut of product in some areas of the country and demand expected to be more moderate in 2018, home builders and developers will be pressed to initiate and execute more...

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MCA-How Value Add Raises the Bar in Multifamily Development-6

How Value Add Raises the Bar in Multifamily Development

08.16.2017 \ Mary Cook

The Real Estate Developer’s Handbook says it takes land, capital, knowledge and tenants to succeed. No longer! That’s not the right recipe for success today because properties in prime locations and large sums of capital have dried up. This new reality...

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MCA-5 Multifamily Housing Trends To Embrace Now For Future Success-7

5 Multifamily Housing Trends To Embrace Now For Future Success

01.06.2017 \ Mary Cook

Developers and designers in the multifamily building industry often like to think they don’t follow trends they start them. But in truth, trends develop in response to consumers’ wants and needs, and travel like wildfire thanks to technology. So when it...

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