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MCA-Color Your Mood-2

Color Your Mood

12.23.2015 \ Mary Cook

Every year at this time, several leading brands of house paint, hundreds of design publications, and Pantone, the leading authority on color, announce their “Color(s) of the Year” and release eagerly-awaited color trend forecasts. It’s no wonder that everyone is...

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MCA-Know Thy Audience-3

Know Thy Audience

11.25.2015 \ Mary Cook

Who Are You? (Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know) It’s an important question for the professional interior designer, but it’s still relevant for the DIY designer, too. Especially if you’re called upon to help a friend who’s completely intimidated by design....

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MCA-Stairways to Heaven-4

Stairways to Heaven

11.05.2015 \ Mary Cook

I grew up, one of six girls, in a modest 5-bedroom 3½-bath ranch in the suburbs of Chicago and have spent more than two decades designing homes for people in every chapter of life. So, it’s safe to say I have a real appreciation for a ranch home. But while I was...

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MCA-Customizing Standard Cabinetry: Thinking Outside the Box(es)-5

Customizing Standard Cabinetry: Thinking Outside the Box(es)

10.20.2015 \ Mary Cook

Everybody loves the look of custom cabinetry. But, unless you’re a big commercial firm designing a project with thousands of dollars worth of custom millwork, it may be impossible for you to get your hands on. Most big shops have the equipment, process, and expertise...

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MCA-One Room, Seven Fundamentals-6

One Room, Seven Fundamentals

07.23.2015 \ Mary Cook

There are Seven Fundamentals that make up The Art of Space. All work together and support one another to create balance and harmony. Let’s look at each of the fundamentals and how they worked in this two-bedroom condo in The Loop, Chicago’s vibrant downtown hub....

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The Ultimate Moving Checklist

07.02.2015 \ Mary Cook

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